Connecting Your World


RJ45 is the innovative IT partner who seek to provide the most reliable and adaptive business networking solutions. With our collective 75 years of IT experience, backed by a passionate team of skilled technicians, we never shy away from any networking challenge.

Network Solutions

  • 1 Connectivity

    RJ45 is a licensed ECNS provider with access to all wholesale services. With our expertise, we will take your business to the next level, using any available connectivity resources, from fibre to ADSL. We are also able to offer 3G Failover to ensure continuous connectivity, built on our very own iVPN solution.

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  • 2 ISP Services

    From ADSL to Fibre to Microwave, RJ45 prides itself on being able to deliver the finest in available technologies. We have been operating in the ISP sphere for over a decade, with our team being instruemental in developing and managing their own ISP’s in the past. RJ45 is always at the forefront of connectivity, providing our clients with proven solutions that are both reliable and robust, ensuring consistent and unfaltering connection speeds.

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  • 3 Bandwidth Optimisation & Analysis

    As a South African business, RJ45 is no stranger to high bandwidth costs. As a result, we have specialised in making effective use of your available resources rather than expecting you to simply throw more money at the problem.

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  • 4 Security Solutions

    Network security is undoubtedly one of the greatest concerns a company has to address, and is often the last considered.  RJ45 are specialists in auditing and provide the most secure environment to our customers. Sporting the best in IT security tech, we give you full access and control over your network, internet, filtering, and reporting, ensuring secure and controlled access.

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  • 1 Unified Comms & Collab

    By utilizing technologies such as Skype for Business and SharePoint On-line, RJ45 leverages cloud solutions to ensure steadfast connectivity between all your staff. These solutions will allow your teams to work on shared documents anywhere on the planet, using any compatible device. Ultimately, this is what will give you a return-on-investment and customer-centric competitive advantage.

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  • 2 Support & Maintenance

    Supplying solutions from your desk to your data centre to the world, our highly motivated and proficient team of technicians and engineers are able provide solutions to any problems you may encounter across a wide range of Microsoft server and desktop platforms, high capacity storage, Apple OS, IOS and many others.

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  • 3 SLA

    In today’s competitive economic climate, business uptime and redundancy is critical. RJ45 offers Server and Desktop SLA’s to ensure your network and resources are pro-actively managed and that downtime is minimized. When it does occur, solutions are implemented quickly and effectively. Your SLA ensures your business receives top priority in any downtime situation, thus ensuring quicker problem resolution and maximized uptime. Prior to signing your SLA we will carry out a site survey to determine your particular requirements.

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  • 4 Cloud Services

    Cloud-based services are an integral part of today’s technology solutions. RJ45 is able to effectively leverage cloud-based resources to securely expand your network. We have the experience and expertise to design, implement and migrate your business to Microsoft Azure, Office365 hosted e-mail solutions, and take advantage of software as service solutions provided by Amazon Web Services and Trend Micro. We will ensure your business is allowed to grow by leveraging off your IT infrastructure.

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